Stain a Wood
Picture Frame

How I applied stain to two wood picture frames. I show how to fix dried glue spots that keep the stain from soaking in the wood.

See how I built these picture frames

I start by stirring the stain thoroughly and applying it with a rag making sure to get it in all the nooks and crannies. If you spill some stain on the picture frame as I did you will want to quickly wipe more stain on the the spot and the rest of the frame and then wipe off with a rag. If you let a spot of stain sit to long before adding more to blend it in, it will keep getting darker as you apply more stain and will be a darker spot than the rest of the stain.
Here is a wood picture frame made from some door and window molding I had left over. The wet spots are from wiping the glue off after assembly. After the wood dries I wipe it down with stain.
I then wipe the stain off with a rag. If you will notice the arrow below you will see where I didn't get all the glue wiped off before it dried and the stain didn't sink in the wood.
To remedy this I sand the spot with 220 grit sand paper and stain again..
The spot seems to be gone.
Here is finished picture frame with a top coat of satin lacquer.
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