Stripping Paint from Metal Bed

Antique metal bed with a spray can green paint finish.

Before I start stripping the paint I put my safety goggles and stripping gloves on.

I shake the can of paint and varnish remover well and then pour a little in a metal bowl.

I apply the remover with a natural bristle brush.

I let this application sit for about five minutes before scraping off with a plastic putty knife and wire brush.
Be careful with the wire brush because it can splatter paint remover everywhere.
I strip so much wood I often forget to just use a sand blaster to really clean the metal. See more on sandblasting and sandblasting tools.

Next I wipe the bed down with lacquer thinner before I start applying primer and paint.

I apply a coat of rust preventative primer before two coats of satin white paint with an hvlp (high volume low pressure) spray gun. I also use this spray gut to apply poly and lacquer to my woodworking projects as well.

I like to paint outside under cover on warm days with only a small breeze.

Finished bed delivered and set up.
There is no better way than sandblasting to get down to the bare metal and then apply the paint with a spray gun for professional results.

With the right tools it's actually easy to get these results.
Air Compressor with at least a 15 gallon tank.
Sand blaster
Protective Hood keeps sand out of eyes and hair.
Gloves to protect hands. About any leather pair will do.
Sandblasting Abrasive
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