Kitchen Remodel

Here we did a kitchen remodel from the floor up. We did the painting, built the custom cabinets, installed the hardwood flooring, and everything else you see. Start to finish.

I didn't start taking pics untill cabinets were already being removed. You can still get an idea of what it looked like. Notice the wallpaper and mouldings.

old cabinets




The below picture is from the laundry room looking into the kitchen.



The old floor was taken up to the pine subfloor.

removing old flooring


What a mess!!!


removing rotten floor

All wallpaper was removed and walls painted. All moldings were primed and painted. The ceiling was retextured.


A little better.


sub floor



Putting new plywood down.

plywood flooring



New plywood was screwed down every 5 square inches.

floor screwed down



New hardwood going in.

hardwood install


Almost done with installing the hardwood flooring.

hardwood nailed down




First Oak Cabinet being installed.

corner cabinet inatalled


Looking good.

custom oak cabinets


Custom Oak Cabinets installed and waiting on granite counter tops to be installed.


oak cabinets custom


More pictures coming soon as everything is finished.


oak cabinets

 Dovetail drawers are pine with Blum soft close glideshcab4

dovetail pine drawers
Granite counter tops installed by local company.



Counter tops really go with the wall color the home owner chose and make this kitchen
look great.

cabinet valence

Made new valance for customer that looks better, not as dated..

oak cabinets

Home owners opted for all Samsung appliances.

custom oak cabinets

Laundry room cabinets installed. An area for a freezer was added.

Remember the kitchen before!!

old cabinets

See some pictures of cabinets while being built

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