Kitchen Remodel

Custom Oak cabinets sure changed this outdated kitchen for the better.

This kitchen was started by completely removing the old cabinets and flooring.

old kitchen cabinets

We opened the area up to the sunroom by installing a header and
removing part of the wall.
old cabinets renoved

The walls were primed and only painted where they would show after the
custom cabinets were installed.The 18" by 18" porcelain tiles were installed
on a 45 degree angle.
18 inch tile floor

Custom cabinets and countertops installed.
custom oal cabinets

Below is a look at the pull outs for pots and pans. also you can see the
sink front tilt out for rings, sponges, brillo pads or what ever you
need to store there.
dovetail drawers and pullouts

Here's a look at the stove area before cabinets were removed.
old cabinets

A custom built range hood was built instead of regular cabinets.
custom range hood

I used the same profile as the cabinet doors to make the molding around the hood.
custom cabinet hood

If you look close at the picture below you will see where I tried to hide the
place where the molding opens to access the fan and light controls for the hood.
oak range hood

hidden range hood controls

old cabinets

custom cabinets

solid oak cabinet doors

pullouts and shelves

Here is a view from the sunroom into the kitchen during remodel.
cabinets removed

bar cabinets

Coffee nook added. it was installed the little closet above


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