Oak Desk

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you how I made this desk.

This desk is made from old 3/4 inch pine plywood that was used for shelving in a warehouse.

The pine was so dirty and stained from oil and who knows what else. It looked bad!!

The legs and edging came from shipping pallets as did the drawer front in this picture.

The little pull out writing surface is the only 3/4 inch oak plywood on the whole desk.
The oak top and sides are nothing more than 1/4 inch oak plywood cut into about 4 inch wide strips on the table saw. I then glued and brad nailed them on the 3/4 inch pine plywood to cover it up.
I used the back side of the 1/4 inch oak because I think with the knots it matched the gnarly wood from the pallets better. It has 3 coats of polyurethane so glasses would not leave rings or do damage.

With four kids and a really tight budget at Christmas one year I worked with what little bit of wood I had. Thank goodness the Christmases since have not been so tight, but I tell you what my daughter sure was happy to get this desk and seems to be proud of it.

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