Woodworking - Plywood Cabinet

This is a good woodworking technique of cabinet building for lower quality uses, such as in mobile home, shop cabinets, garage cabinets, or any application that would warrant a cheaper type of cabinet construction.

The tall cabinet on the right was made with 3/4 inch oak plywood. The sides , shelves and the face frame is all 3/4 ply.

A woman needed more storage space in her mobile home so I built this to be used as a kitchen pantry cabinet.

There is one shelf in the top area and four in the lower area. All shelves were made adjustable using an adjustable shelf jig, which can be used on new or exsisting cabinets to add adjustable shelves.

How cabinet was built:

The cabinet was made with 4'x8'x3/4" oak ply with the sides and face frame long vertical pieces cut on a 45 so they meet like a box corner. This covers the end of the ply and saves you from the cost of solid oak for the face frame.

The doors are 3/4 oak ply also and have been edged with oak iron on wood veneer, as also done with the visible edge of each shelf.

The face frame was assembled with wood glue, corrugated fasteners and then attached to the cabinet frame with glue and biscuit joiner. This is the cheapest price anywhere for a biscuit joiner and biscuits

You can use this technique to make cabinets to fit in any space. I built this one to match the height of existing cabinets and just wide enough to fit in the area open at the end of the existing cabinets to the wall.

The only obstacle was a light switch for the hall light, that I relocated in a new box on the side of the cabinet.

I hope this easy woodworking cabinet project gives you some ideas that will help with your storage solutions.

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