Plywood Rack

Here are plans for the first plywood rack I built. This was a simple, well-needed project. The space where the plywood rack was built is the same space we just leaned the plywood against the wall with lumber on the floor in front of it, at the end of it, and pretty much anywhere else we could put it.

By building this rack to hold the plywood, it allowed us to store any other boards or scrap under it. We ended up using the same amount of space, we just made everything more accessible and better organized.

Here are some tips for building this rack:

1: First, you need to build the top two inches wider and longer than a 4'x8' sheet of plywood. This gives some play room.

2: The frame for this project was built out of 2x4 's and every thing screwed together. The back legs are 10 inches longer than the front legs. You could have a steeper rise to take up less floor area. The higher you raise the back the closer the front legs get to the wall.

3: The front need to have some notches cut out so you can reach the last piece of ply. However wide this board is determines how many sheets the rack will hold.

4: The height of the front should be made to make it easier on you to place the wood on the rack. I made this one about 5'. I'm 6'4" and this worked for me, plus it gave me a little more room underneath to look for the boards I needed.

5: You could build another shelf under this one for 1/4" plywood or, for that matter, it could have many shelves for ply and no room for boards.

6: You could build shelves underneath for better organizing you lumber and longer pieces left over from projects.

This is just a rough plan for you to modify for your needs.

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