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and Furniture Refinishing Tips

Furniture refinishing tips and woodworking tips to help with your refinishing or woodworking project. We offer free woodworking plans, help for you to learn furniture refinishing, how to build custom furniture, antique wood furniture refinishing, and also woodworking basics.


refinishing furniture
Kitchen Remodel with Custom Cabinets
refinishing furniture Kitchen Remodel with Oak Cabinets
woodworking projects Kitchen Remodel with glazed cabinets
refinishing furniture woodworking projects
Furniture Refinishing Woodworking projects I have built
woodworking furniture plans
Woodworking Plans  
Painted cabinets hallway decorating
Kitchen with new cabinet doors and drawer fronts Hallway Remodel

I'm a woodworker that builds custom furniture and cabinets and will help you learn how to build custom furniture yourself.

Custom woodworking tips offered in Woodworking Newsletter.

I want to show you how to finish your own woodworking projects and how easy woodworking really is.

Woodworking articles to help with sanding and prepping furniture,
learn how to apply stain, and about the top coat sealer.
Woodworking Power Tool Tips
Sand Blasting Metal Furniture


Furniture Refinishing

KJ Woodworking offers information on furniture refinishing, and support for novice woodworkers to learn woodworking basics for building custom furniture.

Interested in building your own guitar then you need to check out Electric Guitar kits at kjguitarstands.com

Woodworking tips on applying wood stain .

Please do not hesitate with any questions you may have. We will build to your specifications and quotes are free.

I want to offer quality handmade woodcrafts at reasonable prices.
I also want to help anyone interested in building their own projects by sharing some of the lessons I've learned building, finishing, and refinishing projects I have done.

The furniture refinishing pictures page shows furniture we have refinished and you can see woodworking I've done and get some woodworking ideas you own can use in your kitchen.

Most people are surprised at how well a busted up broken piece of furniture turns out after repairs and refinishing is done. I think the repair and the refinishing are both easier done when you are armed with the right information. I wanted to share some of my furniture refinishing tips and pictures to help you with your project.

A well built piece of furniture will last your family for generations. To insure this, we only use quality materials and products and we guarantee your satisfaction. See the plans page for ideas.

We will work with you to build just about anything you can dream up. If you see anything you are interested in purchasing or want the woodworking plans for, please contact me. I can build it whatever size and with the finish of your choosing.

Check out the wood display shelf and shot glass shelf pages for displaying your collection. The shelves can be customized for any item you wish to display.

See my furniture refinishing page for a few furniture projects I have refinished and it will show you that you may be able to save your old furniture or antique from the trash.
I have added more information on choosing finishes and top coats in my woodworking articles page, and hope to add furniture care tips soon.

I learn something new with every project I do and believe there are more amateur and intermediate woodworkers out there than masters.

If there is a project you are building or want to build and are curious how I may have done something or need help, contact me.

We offer Custom woodworking tips, free woodworking projects, antique wood furniture repair, furniture refinishing, furniture refinishing tips, free woodworking plans, woodworking tips, learn to build custom furniture, and learn woodworking basics.

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